Hugely controversial, Sex Addict premiered at the Assembly Rooms Edinburgh, starring Tim, in 2004. It  transferred to The Royal Court Theatre in 2005. It went on to play the Schaubuenhe in Berlin and the Tron in Glasgow.

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“Mr Fountain, plainly an egomaniac, gets his leg over, all right - over all of us, for tolerating the goons who commission this sort of rubbish with our money.”
- Daily Mail

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“Close your eyes and imagine Alan Bennett talking extremely dirty”.

- Times

“Fountain offers a beautifully ironic and amusing account of a man who starts off gay in youth's first flush, at 14 in a Bradford bus station loo, and then tries everything by fits and starts, and little too long”

- Evening Standard

"Makes Celebrity Big Brother look like Wittgenstein's Tractatus".

- Guardian

“XXX- rated version of Dave Gorman's amiable Internet excursions; Graham Norton without the smutty smirking.”

- Sunday Times

“It was like Sex in the City with Dame Thora Hird” 

- Independent on Sunday

“Does Sex Addict offer anything more than debased titillation for our voyeuristic age? Well, Fountain is a surprisingly engaging performer, and his show certainly opens a revealing window on a world that, as a married heterosexual, I look on with a mixture of envy and revulsion”.

- Daily Telegraph

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