‘Alan Bennett with his pants down...brilliantly funny’ Julie Burchill

‘Fountain makes dirty Britain 2008 sound disarmingly funny, because he's disarmingly funny.  He comes across as the love-child of Russell Harty (with Alan Bennett a possible godfather and Thora Hird his granny)...he’s got a brilliant ear for a certain kind of dialogue...it is compelling and oddly convincing on the new British way of sex’.  Peter York, Independent on Sunday  (to read the whole article click here)

‘Fountain is a funny man. He's got a playwright's ear for speech so there are plenty of laughs in the book.’

Claire Black, The Scotsman  (to read the whole article click here)

To watch Tim talking about  about the book with Edwina Currie on ‘Sexism in the City’ on Sky Tv click here

To read a Daily Star feature on the book click here.

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